“ Champion builder, champion bloke”

Building your first house can be daunting but we are so thrilled with our beautiful new home, thanks to Rick Blake and his outstanding team. Rick has a reputation for being professional, reliable, flexible and extremely approachable and it’s true. The way he values his clients makes all the difference and this is also reflected in the work ethic of his tradesmen who also have Rick’s desire to create quality work, whilst maintaining excellent relationships with their clientele. We had many questions during the building process and Rick guided us brilliantly, offering advice on products and local resources when needed. We worked hand-in-hand to produce a fantastic space for our new family and we can’t thank Rick and his team enough for making the experience so enjoyable, exciting and rewarding and for allowing us to be so involved throughout the entire process.  We have and will continue to recommend Rick Blake to anyone who wishes to build a quality and classy home and thank all at Blake Building Concepts once again for making our dreams come true.

Nic, Emma and Callan Orr